So I’ve been in bangkok for nearly two days now. I get reminded every time I come back how much I love this city. Yes, the military coup and curfew scared me at first but all it’s done is shorten my days which I really don’t like!!!

Yesterday we went to Chatuchuk or JJs market. Which is one of my favouritest shopping experiences ever. You know u r a good bargain hunter when u get a handbag down from 2200 to 800 THB. Plus it helps I bought 4 of them :p

Last night we went to Khao San rd and got far too drunk on mai Thai bucket cocktails. But we met some pretty cool people, ended up at their hostel way after curfew… This freaked us out (only Amy, Cowan and I at this stage) and we jumped in a tuk tuk home. Now, if u have been to bangkok being able to speed through it in a tuk tuk when there is a curfew out is an experience all in its self. It was incredible! Until the police check point…I am lucky I am good with words haha

I am having the best time here and the attention and shopping and cheap ness is amazing. I want to live here for a bit

Today I am getting my hair died and Brazilian keratin treated and I’m very excited. It’s my birthday present to myself :D

I am very glad to be away from home and I am definitely living my life to the fullest

The last 3 weeks

The last three (ish) weeks I have been on a work course in Brunei. I started my job 2 months ago and they sent me to brunei, I do love my job. There have definitely been some personally defining moments while living in Brunei. Firstly I have almost completely changed my leadership style, the work ethic here is completely different. I think the way I preliminarily handled it was pretty bad, but I have definitely grown as a professional and I look forward to many more opportunities.

Now, outside or work, I absolutely love my life. I spend the weekends at flash resorts meeting hot strangers. How could you ever not want this??

I am off to Thailand tomorrow and they have currently installed a military coup with a curfew of 10pm-5am….WHAT THE HELL!!!!

Now I love Thailand. I have been there a million times and know Bangkok like the back of my hand. However, I am going with 3 people that have never been to south East Asia and I don’t want this to be their first impression of it. I am trying to handle/think of a way that everything will still be fun… But how can u have fun if u can’t hit up Khao San rd in Bangkok! How will I introduce them to lady boys?? How will I accidentally send them to a ping pong show?! Ah the first world problems I am facing right now are ridiculous :p

So the last 2.5/3 weeks are my day 6. Now who wants to come work with me :D

32 Game-Changing Quotes About Love And Life That Will Make You Feel Better, Instantly | Thought Catalog

I believe every one of these hits home to every one.

My favourite is: respect yourself to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy

I need to rant

I want to point this out before I start my rant, I am ok, I am getting through it and I know I will eventually realise it is for the best but right now this is what I want, want to know…


I don’t understand how you can go from being completely in love with someone, and then just not be anymore. How can you invest so much time, money and yourself into someone and then just decide that one small thing like distance can ruin that? I am just so confused about it all and his thinking to me makes no sense. What was his reasoning? There were no signs, no signals that he wanted to get out, that he wanted to not be with me. So why, why now has he decided that all that time and love between us is not worth it anymore?

I want to say something, I want to yell and him and be like why did you do it, why did you break me?

And then what do I do? I don’t know how to get over it, to realise that I am no longer in a relationship with someone that I loved (love) so much. How are you suppose to stop caring about that person and move on?


Ok, so I haven’t dropped off the face off the earth but I am going to continue my 100daysofme once I get back. Too many awesome things are happening over in Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand to be count towards this :p

Stay beautiful everyone!

Day 5

Tomorrow I am off for a month, no New Zealand, no drama, no over thinking. I couldn’t be more excited.

The last week hasn’t been hard because I haven’t had time to think about it. I’m worried that overseas I might have time… But it doesn’t matter because I’m not going to let it affect me.

I believe the reason we get through things isn’t because that person decided to pick up their shit and change their life (sometimes applicable in rare circumstances), but because of the support crew around us. If I didn’t have the friends/flat mates/family that I have now I probably wouldn’t be a very smiley person.

So I guess this is just a giant thanks to everybody/anybody who had ever helped me through something. Whether that was me stressing at Uni about passing, fixing my car, or just being there when I need to rant. Even though I’ve called what I’m doing 100daysofme, it is about appreciating the people around you that make you, you. (However at the same time, there is a point when you need to decide who to hold on to and who to let go of). But I must say, all the people around me right now are having a positive influence on me, and I feel it may have been a long time since that has been true.

So I’m going to continue to buy my close friends drinks, bake them cakes, tell them they look smoking hot, just to make sure they know I appreciate them. (You know who u r, this won’t happen everyday, I’m not a millionaire…yet).

As for me, tonight I am off to a new restaurant called Mexico to drink margaritas and eat anything with pulled pork in it.

Keep being awesome guys,



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You can follow/join the FaceBook group here. 

Here you get to request an invite, introduce yourself, and take part in listening in or being apart of discussions on this blog :)


(via psych-facts)

30 Things To Start Doing For Yourself. #4 Is Absolutely Vital.

This is pretty much the essence of what I want to do with #100daysofme.

As I have mentioned before I have started doing things for myself and I think it is making me happier. Like today for instance, for no good reason I was just generally happy. This was at work on a Wednesday; not normal.

I then came home today, baked an irish spice apple cake (recipe here: Then I made my favourite spinach, basil and tomato risotto. 

I have also started packing for my trip on Friday!!! Now to watch the hangover with the boys to get excited for bangkok.

Continue thinking positively about yourself people :) I promise to do a more inspirational/motivation rant soon

Day three! I must admit I am definitely pushing my self to think more positively, to concentrate on my own well being. After depending on some one for the last 2.5yrs, I think it’s important to have time to think for yourself, do things for yourself.

So i am concentrating more on things that make me happy and going for them.

So healthy eating, healthy thinking, happy me. Now, how do we win quiz night again!!!

Today, bar the weather, was pretty good. I was distracted with friends visiting from far away which always makes you happy.

I also saw this page on facebook called “Begin with Yes”. It has some pretty inspirational and motivational stuff on it. My favourite being:

"Today belongs to you. Don’t worry so much about what might or might not happen. Instead make something small actually happen. Choose power over powerlessness, and get on with your life."

So that’s my Day 2, hopefully this tornado warning doesn’t come true!